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Gracefully Broken: A Hall of Famer's True Story

For many years, I’ve wanted to write a book to share my story, document my family history and inspire others. Well, I’ve finally completed my book and invite you to read it.

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About the Book

In My Own Words…
Any great leader will tell you, that at some point they too, have been broken, had to be humbled, have made bad decisions and mistakes along the way. 
They had to draw up the courage to admit that their collective insight from both big victories and bad choices had taught them; redirected their focus, faith and future!  All which enabled them to see opportunities during their brokenness and to find and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
As tough as it maybe, if they are transparent (with themselves and others), as they understand that their journey could benefit, encourage and inspire others.
They are thick-skinned, and had strong God intentional wisdom, (which most people lack) – simply because they are too egotistical and proud to recognize their mistakes as valuable learning moments and tools for themselves and others. 
It’s been said that, if you want people to follow you SHOW them your map!  #Humbled! #Loved! #Grateful! #AChildOfGod! #GracefullyBroken!
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Coach Matt Painter
What a powerful message from Walter Jordan.  His life experiences encompass the beauty of family, faith and competition.  This is a must read for all.  Proud to have Walter a part of the “Purdue Basketball Family.”

-Coach Matt Painter-
Head Basketball Coach Purdue University
Coach Matt Painter
Coach Matt Pinter
Head Basketball Coach, Purdue University
Walter at Book Signing
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