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My ministry is solely focused on developing and inspiring young people to learn more, do more and become more in order to fulfill their God given right to WIN big.

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What I Do

My passion and purpose in life is to impact and inspire young men to fulfill their God given purpose, while raising their own bar. My goal is to help them become great leaders to inspire and impact others.

I Coach.

For the past 30 years, I have coached thousands of kids in my youth basketball programs. I am proud of the fact that we have had many kids obtain scholarships to Division 1 & 2 schools. I am most proud of the fact that my former players, are now thriving in numerous professions. To learn more about Team Impact, my youth basketball organization, click the link below.

I Mentor.

I conduct youth leadership conferences for young men ages 12-18. The focus is to teach life and leadership skills to help the young men become successful adults. We have been blessed to have hundreds of young men participate in my leadership conferences. Click the link below to learn more about the next leadership conference.

I Speak.

I have spoken professionally for more than 20 years. I have a series of speeches for event organizers to choose from. I also speak to youth organizations. To learn more about my most requested speech topics, click the link below.

I Write.

For a number of years, I have wanted to write a book. In June 2021, that dream finally became reality. My book “Gracefully Broken: A Hall of Famer’s True Story” was published. To learn more about the book, click the link below.

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Gracefully Broken: A Hall of Famer’s True Story was released June 16th, 2021. It covers my life from growing up in the inner city of Fort Wayne, IN to my days as a NBA player with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now my life as an mentor, coach and entrepreneur. Click the button below to learn more or order a copy.


“ To say Walter Jordan has had an impact on all of our lives is an understatement. He’s one of the most influential men I’ve ever known. We are so blessed he’s been a part of our lives. ”

Jenny Henry

My Story

I’m a God-fearing father, grandpa, husband, brother, and uncle. Professionally, I’m an author (Gracefully Broken), life coach, mentor, basketball coach, motivational speaker and business owner.

I grew up in the inner-city of Fort Wayne, IN as one of ten (10) children.

Walter Jordan
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