Day 1

Welcome to the Gratitude Challenge!

I am excited that you have decided to join our global gratitude challenge team.

Over the next thirty (30) days, we invite you to be very mindful of all of the things that you have to be grateful for.

Please review the challenge game plan below for the simple instructions on how to participate.

Gratitude Journals

Challenge Game Plan

  • The goal for each challenge participant is to write down three (3) things they are grateful for each day, for thirty (30) days. Additionally, participants are also asked to write out the highlight of their week.
  • Track your gratitude entries in a gratitude journal
  • Each day, write down three (3) things you are grateful for for thirty (30) days
  • At the end of each week, write down the highlight of your week
  • Review your journal throughout the day and each week to be remind of all the things you are grateful for
  • At the end of the thirty-days, take a picture of your four (4) weekly highlight pages and email along with your name to: to receive your Gratitude Challenge certificate.

Walter Jordan suggests that when you are feeling sad, anxious, stressed, experiencing grief, etc., go back through your journal and re-read previous entries.


About the challenge:

1. Participants can use any gratitude journal that they like.

2. Links and pictures of the gratitude journals specifically designed for our challenge are included below.

3. One thing that he has found that helps kids and others stay consistent with their gratitude challenge is to do it with others.

4.  Make sure you have subscribed to our text update list by texting the word “gratitude” to (470) 474-3434. You’ll receive no more than two (2) messages, each week of the challenge, to keep you inspired.

5. The challenge can be done with one other person, a family, sports team or as an organization.

Walter Jordan on Deck

It’s awesome to see how kids respond to the challenge. Especially how they mention that their mood is uplifted when they go back and reread previous gratitude entries.”

-Walter Jordan

Gratitude and Anxiety Quote

Keep the Challenge Going!

Feel free to go beyond 30 days. If you really want to challenge yourself, keep the challenge going for a full year!

Gratitude Journals for Your Challenge

Listed below are books that you can order to use in the gratitude challenge. Click on the picture of the journals listed below for more information or to purchase from Amazon.

Walter Jordan

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